International SEO Cyber Criminals Strike Again with Negative SEO Attack

If we had a dollar for every toxic backlink we had to disavow over the last several months, we would be some seven figures wealthier by now. 😉 But oh well, this is a tedious and often ungrateful task, as Google can take many months to recrawl low-quality, harmful links in the disavow file.

Anyways, it’s been another week and upon downloading the latest backlinks from Google Search Console (Google let’s you download the latest links every Friday), we discovered thousands of new, stealthy, negative SEO backlinks and hundreds of new, toxic and compromised domains pointing to our websites.

Who is behind this massive negative SEO attack?

As we reported in our detailed post explaining the mechanics of a sophisticated negative SEO attack, the attackers are an Australian company with a large presence in the US market.

As we are currently pursuing an imminent legal action against this company run by what we consider to be cyber-criminals (who pretty much threatened to f**k up our websites if we don’t sell them), we can only reveal that it’s a large company (valued at over $100 Million dollars by EY) run by a narcissist liar and, evidently, a negative SEO virtuoso based out of Australia.

The owner of this arguably shady enterprise, happens to be a former lawyer (go figure) who now engages in what many would describe as cyber crime against US based businesses by copying their website content (through unauthorized rephrasing and rewording of their content, while hardly adding anything unique), but doing so in a way that passes Copyscape and fools Google into thinking the content is original and unique.

What’s more, the primary audience for this Australian owned enterprise is US market. In other words, the profits are made in the US. These profits are then used to steal content from other websites operating in the same space, and for launching negative SEO attacks against the victims who are largely US based websites/online businesses.

As we mentioned earlier, this Australian-owned company has a large US presence, with the US operation being run by a shady character who has recently been promoted to the rank of CEO of the whole US operation, likely as a reward for successfully tricking us into revealing our proprietary business data (under the guise of due diligence to buy our websites). Anyways, this dude now runs their US operation, which is a two-sided online marketplace in the home energy space.

Negative SEO Backlinks Attack Example from October 15th, 2021

But we digress, the goal of this post is to highlight the latest examples of the stealthy, undetectable, negative SEO backlinks that are cloaked (and hence made invisible to commercial backlink tools like SEMRush and HREFs) to show Google one version of the page with external links, while sending web users and commercial backlink tools to completely different pages or websites of questionable nature.

This lovely collection of negative SEO links is yet another example of harmful links being used to attack competitors’ websites. This is only a sample from this week’s negative SEO attack, but there were many thousands of harmful links from toxic domains that were found and reported to us by Google (through Google Search Console) over the course of last week. Imagine sifting through those and keeping your sanity! 🙂

Please don’t click on the links below unless you are OK with being redirected to suspicious websites and online destinations of questionable nature. Yes, most of these links are cloaked, with a few non-redirecting low quality pages (not quality sources of links) mixed in for a good measure. 😉–4047-08e218,-Inc.

Spider Identification Chart

http://เด็กยี่สิบ.com/the-best-roof-shingles-for-your-home-2021-guide Roofing Contractors?s=Local

Roofing Contractors&akwp=1 dumpster harrison michigan/

Here are some more examples of toxic backlinks that were targeted at our remodeling websites:’s-the-average-labor-cost-to-build-a-deck–certified window promo code 2019/



No, we are not done, there are still more toxic backlinks we found during the course of last week Roofing Contractors?s=Local

Roofing Contractors&akwp=1

How long do asphalt shingles last?!-c7p8s5b6


http://100mö Roofing Contractors?s=Local

Roofing Contractors&akwp=1!-l8r0t8m1 Cost By Size.html!-j0a5f8o8!-z4e6h4v2!-r1p2g7l2!-l4g3n0l9’s/!-a5t2n2c9!-s0j6p6v2!-l2p0v1i1!-j6n4l0j2!-t9e3v1t3 metal roofing.html!-a7n8n9l8!-p6a8a4m3!-r6b8h2o9!-e2b8m4j8!-r4f2c3v2!-u5n3f0e9 landmark tl review.html

Residential Roofing Options: The Benefits of Metal Versus Traditional Materials


But wait, there is more digital toxicity, courtesy of the Australian cybercriminal and negative SEO virtuoso.

Check out our follow-on post for yet another example of nasty SEO attack against a prominent consumer information website in the home remodeling space…

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