An Example of a Negative SEO Attack Against a Remodeling Website (Oct 17, 2021)

Ok, here is yet another example of a nasty, negative SEO attack perpetuated by cybercriminals from Australia with a recently-launched competing operation in the US.

If you are one of the white hat SEO people drinking the “there is no negative SEO” cool aid or you just don’t believe negative SEO exists (or that it works), then you have probably never encountered a sophisticated negative SEO attack. Well, we are here to tell you that it does work and that unfortunately, it’s very real, thanks Google.

Here are some of the latest examples of toxic, negative SEO backlinks that were built during the last week alone, courtesy of Australian lawyer turned international cybercriminal and a negative SEO virtuoso who is bullying small American businesses while profiting from the US market and other small businesses through a two-sided marketplace in the home energy space these shady individuals (whom we shall not name for now) operate.

So, this lovely assortment of toxic, stealthy, undetectable, cloaked backlinks from this week is the most recent example of what a sophisticated negative SEO attack looks like.

Notice this is just a small sample of the many thousands of harmful backlinks we had to disavow during the course of this past week, alone! gas furnace/×20-bedroom-addition-ideas×12-kitchen-with-island
http://アダルト,-Inc. gas furnace prices×20-room-addition-cost/

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  1. I just googled a combination of 3 domains that – according to google – have a lot of links pointing to us. Now I see what is going on. Thanks for this page. I hope you are successful in bringing these guys to justice and I hope they will rot in prison.


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